Seminar Reflection

Image taken from Equals6

Reflecting on my seminar, I must admit there were a few disappointments here and there, but overall, I am very pleased with how things turned out. Perhaps that is due to my having profoundly low expectations.

For weeks I had been stressing out with the planning of the seminar, and to such a degree was my anxiety that I did not even have time to consider what it might end up looking like. My group surprised me when they turned up knowing what to do on the day because I was afraid no one had bothered to read the running sheet I wrote up, but I was thankful that we were finally coming together as a group for the first time. Until then, some of our group members had been non-existent and unresponsive, but during the seminar we actually met and agreed on things.

Setting up earlier would have been a better idea, however, we were unsure as to what time we were actually allowed to enter the room to start preparing. That being the case, I came into RMIT at 9am to finish off the printing of the running sheet and release forms, then headed to the seminar room to work on staging. During the seminar I was mostly unable to assist in moving things in and out due to heavy lifting, but I helped out where and when I could. On the contrary, I was also taking photos and departed at 11am to pick up the catering.

Our line up of guest speakers was very impressive–each guest had something particularly interesting and unique to say, and they were constantly aware of the audience. They demonstrated this by continuously addressing the audience and discussing issues in relation to university graduates and where to go from here. I learned a lot about funding and how to approach the film industry in terms of paving a career pathway, and the guests provided a lot of insight into the reality of what the film-making business is really like. I was worried when our guests began discussing matters “heatedly” because it was hard to predict where the topic was heading, but it seemed that this tension also somewhat increased amusement and appeal.

Concerning preparation, we were quite slow on time due to some people arriving late or the pick-ups taking longer than expected, but I think I did as much as I could to ensure that the day would run smoothly. I had contributed a lot in the planning of the event, such as making the initial contacts, writing up the schedules, distributing the responsibilities, organising the catering…I think myself and some of my group members might have taken on more than we were supposed to, and I felt a heavy burden lift off my shoulders as soon as the seminar ended.

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