WANTED: For Global Media Takeover

I was very impressed with this seminar from the moment I stepped into the room. From staging to decor, it seemed that everything was styled appropriately to the theme. They even wore costumes! I definitely saw a lot of effort and teamwork shining through this seminar. Furthermore, the guests were very thoughtful and sociable, and provided a lot of insight. I felt the atmosphere in general was very warm and inviting, so it was without a doubt my favourite seminar thus far.

THEME and STAGING: As I’ve already said, I was absolutely blown away by how the theme was incorporated into the staging and decorations. Though the focus was on international careers, I also felt that since something similar had been done in the previous years, it may have lacked originality in that sense as it was expected or hardly surprising to find ourselves, “of course, somewhere on a plane or at the airport.” That being said, perhaps they could have used boats or trains? On the contrary, flight is probably the most popular way of traveling overseas. But, to be sure, I was very happy with everything this group did in regards to their theme and staging.

CONTENT and APPROACH: For once, I felt that I was actually learning something useful and practical for the future. Not that the other seminars didn’t teach me anything, but I suppose since I want to work internationally, as someone who wants to work internationally I therefore gained a lot of necessary insight in regards to finances, experiences, language barriers, etc. The hosts also asked very good questions and rather than simply moving on from what the guests said, they continued from their discussions and delved deeper, which I thought was really refreshing as it took advantage of what the guests had to share.

PROMOTION: Their promotion was very timely and appropriate. The trailer was well executed, the posters were appealing and simple, and the Facebook posts were fun to read. The group seemed very on top of things and well organised.


Once again, I’ve given this group a HD because they really showed how much time and effort was spent in putting the seminar together. It was a huge success!

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