WANTED: On The Line

This group really went all out with their decorations, so even before stepping into the room I was internally moved by the amount of effort and detail they had gone to in order to create intrigue and excitement amongst the audience. Especially their theme! It was evident even in the green tinted lighting. Also, I could smell the pizza all the way from level one, so yeah, I was “reeled” in at once!

THEME and STAGING: Without a doubt, highly creative and appealing. They also made a really good pun out of their theme in relation to the actual topic, which I thought was super clever and entertaining. I just really liked the theme and thought it was totally relevant. The staging was top-notch, sound was perfect, and the guest speakers looked absolutely comfortable where they were. It was easy to walk in and out, as I suppose was with every other seminar as well, which is why I often find staging hard to talk about.

CONTENT and APPROACH: Each guest had a fair share of saying something, and what they offered the audience was really interesting and insightful. The questions that were asked provided a lot of in depth discussion and I felt that the guests had really good chemistry amongst each other. I also thought the hosts did excellent jobs at asking the right questions and getting really good answers from the speakers, and they also shared a really good connection with one another as well as the speakers. I felt that I was learning a lot about the media industry in this area of digitalisation, and it was extremely relevant to the audience who were mainly students.

Also I really liked the title of each segment and how it worked with their theme. I also really liked the visual presentation and transition between each slide!

PROMOTION: Like the previous group, the promotion was appropriate and timely. I really liked what they did with the posters and how they re-created The Matrix image to their advantage. They were very appealing in their Facebook posts and updates.


Of course, I believe this group deserves a HD for their commitment to providing a really well thought out seminar.


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