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We received a D for our seminar and I was slightly disappointed because I think we could have done a lot better as a group. However, based on everything that happened behind the scenes, I think a Distinction also demonstrates how we were eventually able to come together despite the hectic preparations. I was overall pleased with how the seminar turned out because I think we did the best that we could with what we had.

Contribution and collaboration

Throughout the process of organising, delivering and publishing our seminar event, I was in charge of communicating with the steering committee and passing details back and forth. I also booked the catering based on the group’s budget, designed and printed the thank-you cards, and most importantly, I prepared the running sheet and organised what everyone should be doing before, during, and after the seminar. I allocated responsibilities for everyone and scheduled a timeline for the seminar structure. I also contributed in the google doc by adding and updating notes. I also contacted a lot of potential guest speakers and called them up, even though it didn’t work out due to them being busy. I also prepared a visual presentation on Prezi, which didn’t work out in the end, but I had put a lot of effort into it regardless. I worked with Jordan, Stevey, Alex, and David the most since they were in charge of the event, hosting, technicality and props, respectively. This was how I was able to solve issues of ensuring I could get a response from everyone since not everyone replied to Facebook posts. That being said, I also updated the group a lot on Facebook and attended all of the meetings (except one, due to work), and I felt that this was where our group work was mostly evident.


During the seminar, I was in charge several things: making sure everyone knew what they were doing, helping set up the stage, picking up the catering, and taking the photos. I attended all the classes and group meetings, but again, missed one due to work, while for post-production I sent the signed release forms and photos to the steering committee, and checked that everyone else had also sent what was required of them. I contributed a lot during class and group discussions, though I felt that sometimes I was unable to say something because some people were slightly overpowering. On the contrary, I felt that some people were too quiet and I wanted to open the discussion to them–to ask them for their opinion, but this was hard to do because some people would keep talking without giving time for others to provide input. I helped come up with how the stage would be set up and volunteered to do a lot of the work, and also called up some of the guests, so that was how I contributed.

Proactive learning

In regards to proactive learning, I looked up examples of what running sheets looked like in order to write one up. I also looked at images of press conferences to find out how they were presented in order to set something similar up for the seminar. I also learned how to use Prezi for the visual presentation, though we didn’t end up using it. I also had to learn how to contact people through email and over the phone in a professional manner, and I have never done something like this before, so I felt that it was really helpful for me personally to learn how to approach industry professionals. Furthermore, I learned how to use Photoshop in order to make the thank-you cards.

Connections and intersections

The seminar series taught me how to collaborate and approach industry professionals–these were the most valuable experiences for me. The seminar series was a good opportunity to learn more about the realities of the media industry, and to build connections and find out about potential future employment. I was also able to develop event planning skills, which I felt was really useful because it requires an understanding of various media platforms, such as google doc, filming, social media, etc. I discovered that I’m a very personal learner, which means I like to learn and do things on my own, but at the same time, I need something like group work to motivate me. So if I know that I’m accountable to someone, this makes me work harder to get things done on time. I also discovered that I’m someone who would be in charge, not always liaising between the teacher and students, but more of a “people” person where I try to interact with everyone and spread the responsibilities to all of the group members. Additionally, I think I can now talk to industry professionals and create networks with them by simply being myself and being friendly and not being afraid to approach them. Based on what I have learned throughout the process of planning for the seminar, I definitely feel that I can join the film industry as a producer/screenwriter, because I think the areas I’ve worked on for this seminar are the areas that I’m most comfortable with and that also aligns with what I want to do in the future.

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