Between stuff

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Balancing my internship, university studies, blogging and my youth group commitments is quite challenging, because I feel like as soon as I finish one task, there are still 50 billion other things I’ve got to do. For those of you who don’t know already, I also contribute film reviews to an online magazine blog called The Marshalltown. On top of that, I spend around 16 hours each week helping out at CSIRO as an intern (give or take a few hours due to traveling distance). That being said, I’m not really complaining about the workload because I’m pretty good at managing my time, but it does feel quite stressful because it’s hard to prioritize my feelings. In regards to my university studies, should I be more concerned with the filming scheduled this week, or handing in my Comm Debates & Approaches assignment on Monday, or working on my Integrated Media videos or figuring out what I should write in my next essay for True Lies – Documentary?

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Black & white at the beach

Path of light.

Ambiguous ocean.

Into the darkness.

Catching fish.

On edge.

Like a couple.

Hey, guys! I found this amazing freelance photographer named Harvey Andrews. He used to live in London but for some reason, he moved to Melbourne this year. While he was at Altona Beach and Geelong Beach, he was able to capture some amazing moments. Apparently his influences come from Max Dupain, John Austin & Tony Howell. And who would have guessed that Max Dupain is actually an Australian! So check out Harvey’s awesome website, and if you have WordPress, follow him! You can also follow him on Twitter or stalk his profile on Facebook (it’s public!). Or you can simply like his fan page.

I scream, you scream, we all scream of ice-cream

Often I go to my lectures really early because I like to be more than punctual. As I waited by myself, I  decided to read To Kill A Mockingbird written by Harper Lee. Just as I was about to turn to the next page, someone behind me screamed, which was strange because I was sure that I was the only one in the room. So I cautiously turned around to see where the noise had come from, but the seats behind me were empty.

I thought to myself, “It was probably just my imagination.” However, just as I went back to reading, I heard the high-pitched scream again. I jumped out of my seat and went to investigate. I was hoping that it was one of my friends simply pulling a prank on me.

“Please don’t let it be a ghost, please don’t let it be a ghost,” I chanted quietly. I finally reached the row of seats where the noise was coming from and the scream sounded again. I looked closely and saw a phone on the ground. Just then the the scream was heard again and I realised that it was only the phone’s ringtone. Phew!

I returned to my seat and resumed my reading while the screaming ringtone continued to play in the background.

Here comes the bride–wait, I don’t see her

This is what my Google Reader looks like

There are times when I wish I was slightly taller. That being said, there’s absolutely, positively nothing wrong about being short! It has its advantages, e.g. because I am short, I am incapable of performing certain tasks, therefore I can pretty much get away with any type of work that appears too much for me to handle.

However, I’m not oblivious to the cons of “lacking” in height. While I was casually skimming through my subscriptions on Google Reader this morning, I stumbled across Jen’s post containing several images of gorgeous (and most likely very expensive) wedding dresses. Then I realised that all the models in the photographs seemed really tall…

Thus I became super depressed for the rest of the day and went outside to hang out with the insects in my garden because I don’t have any human companions.

Image taken from Bailie Photography

Hypothetically speaking though, if I were to miraculously grow some inches taller in the future because the effects of eighteen years’ worth of drinking milk finally decided to kick in, then my wedding dress style would probably fall under the romantic category. On the contrary, I have a knack for vintage material–which is why I constantly bury myself in literature novels rather than modern contemporary works.

Why not just wear a short wedding dress, you ask? Well, my good friend, there are two simple reasons:

  1. I have to admit, I am a bit of a traditionalist at times, and traditionally, brides always wore long wedding dresses in order to cover their legs.
  2. Girls wear short-length dresses most of the time anyway (i.e. casually, to social events and even to school), so I want to enter the wedding ceremony with a BAM! and a WOW! while I’m wearing a long wedding dress.
  3. I want my imaginary future husband to feel like he’s the luckiest guy on the planet, and I’ll have to wear a really beautiful and unique dress in order to cancel out my hideous physical features. (I’m kidding, God made me perfect!)

“The market for wedding dresses is more often than not led by emotion and aspiration rather than rational decisions and financial constraints.” — Claire Birks

It’s as simple as that! Elizabeth Dye has an awesome 2011 Bridal Collection if you want to check it out as well. In fact, just check out her store. She’s an amazing designer!

Hello, I have a blog


I enjoy reading, film-making, photography, music and drawing. Simply put, I like the arts. The right hemisphere of my brain is more awesome than my left. There are times when I think that my left brain hemisphere is nonexistent.

Just like my love life.

Anyway, I want to become a scriptwriter, editor or a wedding photographer. Or a housewife. However, if nobody wants to marry me by the age of twenty-two, I’ll take care of cats for the rest of my life.

I want to get married young because I want to look super amazing in my wedding photos.