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We received a D for our seminar and I was slightly disappointed because I think we could have done a lot better as a group. However, based on everything that happened behind the scenes, I think a Distinction also demonstrates how we were eventually able to come together despite the hectic preparations. I was overall pleased with how the seminar turned out because I think we did the best that we could with what we had.

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Done and sent

To top everything off, this week I have sent photos, signed release forms, and roles and responsibilities to the steering committee and have shared them on Google Drive. Now the seminar business is officially over, except I plan on writing one last post about it! Until then, this is what I will be feeling for the many years to come…

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Can we use Prezi, please?

So a while ago I suggested that we use Prezi because every time I have used it in the past, people have always seemed more impressed by it, especially due to the “smooth, futuristic transitions”.

Update: Okay, even though I finished the Prezi presentation, we are no longer using it because it is too risky and nobody else knows how to use it, so we are sticking with good ol’ PowerPoint.

Thank you!

Thank YouI designed the thank you cards on Adobe Elements (which is like, a cheaper version of Photoshop) and printed them out on ivory cardboard paper.

Just four more days until the seminar!

Update: The design has changed somewhat. For the better.