Can we use Prezi, please?

So a while ago I suggested that we use Prezi because every time I have used it in the past, people have always seemed more impressed by it, especially due to the “smooth, futuristic transitions”.

Update: Okay, even though I finished the Prezi presentation, we are no longer using it because it is too risky and nobody else knows how to use it, so we are sticking with good ol’ PowerPoint.


Thank you!

Thank YouI designed the thank you cards on Adobe Elements (which is like, a cheaper version of Photoshop) and printed them out on ivory cardboard paper.

Just four more days until the seminar!

Update: The design has changed somewhat. For the better.


I absolutely loved this seminar. From promotion, to staging, to content, to guest speakers…yes, pretty much everything. I could tell that everyone was involved and everyone knew what they were doing, which was inspiring to see. There was a lot of good teamwork evident across the whole seminar, and to be honest the only complaints I would have–if I had to complain about something–then it would be the microphone/sound issues throughout the day.

THEME and STAGING: I really liked how the group used raised platforms to let the audience view the guest speakers better. The staging was also very appealing and matched the theme they were going for. The equipment was set up neatly as well, and the atmosphere in general was very welcoming. I was worried that the guest speakers would be uncomfortable in their stools, though, especially since some were wearing dresses/skirts.

CONTENT and APPROACH: Again, the content and approach was very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the trivia segment that allowed for audience participation, which made the seminar quite unique. Each guest speaker had something awesome to say and contribute, but I wondered if some of what they were saying was a bit repetitive in the sense that I felt like I did not learn anything particularly new or interesting, which was the same with the previous documentary group. That being said, however, the guest speakers had very stimulating discussions, and the seminar ended at just the right time so it left me feeling like I wanted to stay back a little longer. One things I guess I was reminded of was what being a feminist really means, and it was also refreshing to listen to statistical references.

PROMOTION: I do not use Facebook often, so if I see any promotion, it means there is a lot of promotion. In this case, I felt that the Femme Fatale group did a superb job at promoting on Facebook. I loved their video because it was just so exciting and suitable to the overall theme. It made me really enthusiastic about the seminar and I was looking forward to it all week!


I gave this group a HD because they pretty much set the standard for what I think a HD seminar should look like.

Running sheet, BOOM!

Image taken from POPHANGOVER

So right after the meeting yesterday, I went home and started on the running sheet and have just finished it now. I included all the details, roles and responsibilities, as well as the running sheet for the actual seminar based on whatever has been confirmed thus far. I am actually quite happy with how it has turned out and I hope people read it and check it off as they go along. While I was writing it up, I definitely realise now how much work some of us are doing compared to others. I also included things that some of us have already done. All I need is for Alex and David to update the checklist for equipment and props respectively. Then again, I also have to wait on confirmation for other details…I also updated the Google Doc with a lot of questions and a possible structure for the seminar. I also checked and updated the bibliography for our guests.

Another meeting 3

Just before the seminar, we had another meeting to go over the steering committee’s checklist and find out what everyone else has been up to. Then after the seminar, Jordan, Stevey and I had another meeting to start organising the stage direction for the seminar. Also, I took home the checklist to write up the running sheet.