“The Power Of Sound” Korsakow Final Essay

Link: http://www.themediastudents.net/im1/projects/ezramay.tiffany.julia/ThePowerOfSound.html

Our Korsakow film, entitled The Power of Sound (2013), is an investigation into the physical properties of sound, including tone, intensity, and duration. In particular, we are interested in how sounds are influenced by the environment and other material objects. We are also intrigued by the manner in which meaning is established between the broadcaster and receiver, subject and object, self and other (Weiner, 115) when situated within ordinary social contexts. David Shields’ reading of “thematic resonance” serves as a basis for exploring these characteristics. It enables us to reflect the concept of “melody as [a] rhythm” because it sound creates “momentum…from the subtle progressive build-up” (Shields, 114). In this context, we associate thematic resonance with the significance of sound, which involve the production, structure and meaning of our clips. Within our Korsakow film, we reveal thematic resonance through the pacing of each of our clips, which subsequently establishes a relationship and connection between them. Hence, our project seeks to remind our audiences that sounds are a vital part of understanding the world around us. In order to achieve this, our clips display an emphasis on the tone and quality of sound of our subject matters. Our goal is that our audience will be able to appreciate the influence of sound in our lives.

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