Between stuff

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Balancing my internship, university studies, blogging and my youth group commitments is quite challenging, because I feel like as soon as I finish one task, there are still 50 billion other things I’ve got to do. For those of you who don’t know already, I also contribute film reviews to an online magazine blog called The Marshalltown. On top of that, I spend around 16 hours each week helping out at CSIRO as an intern (give or take a few hours due to traveling distance). That being said, I’m not really complaining about the workload because I’m pretty good at managing my time, but it does feel quite stressful because it’s hard to prioritize my feelings. In regards to my university studies, should I be more concerned with the filming scheduled this week, or handing in my Comm Debates & Approaches assignment on Monday, or working on my Integrated Media videos or figuring out what I should write in my next essay for True Lies – Documentary?

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